2-0 to the Good Guys

Have you heard the one about the basketball team that had so many injuries to so many players that the “experts” said they should just give up and focus on next season except that every new player that got an unexpected chance started to shine like a star and the young guys who were supposed to take years to develop started playing like grizzled veterans and they went into the playoffs and not only won games they wee supposed to but also started beating every team that they had “no chance” against and now this team is up 2 games to none on the guys that were going to crush them? Have you heard that one? Cuz it’s pretty great.

Game 2 was gonna be THE GAME for the Cavs. LeBron wasn’t concerned. Zero level of concern. He had this. The Cavs had this.

Well LeBron did his damnedest and scored 42.

But unfortunately for the Cavs basketball is a sport that requires offense AND defense:

That is what you call “Not giving an eff”. TRIII had time to set his feet, pour himself a nice drink, cook a streak, eat it, watch some Netflix then line up his shot and drill it.

Cleveland’s D has been poor all year but this wasn’t poor D. This wasn’t bad strategy or even out matched players. This was just plain old lack of effort.

But enough about the Cavs. Let’s talk Celtics.

This is easily the most lovable top to bottom roster in the history of Boston Sport. There’s not one Bad Guy on the team.

They have each other’s back.

They have fun.

Is this series over? I guess not (but yeah it is).

Will the Finals be an insane challenge no matter who they play? Yes (it’ll be the Warriors).

But just the fact that this team after all they have been through this season is up 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals is nothing short of inspirational.

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