Banning the Shift is for DUMMIES: Guest-Blog Debate Opp.

There have been a ton of “traditionalists” screaming into the wind lately about the Defensive Shift in baseball. One of these idiots…uh, sorry, “traditionalists” is an HTTA Favorite punching bag, Tony Mazz.


Mazz took a beating, as he should have, from many level-headed, sane people.

And when we weighed in to point out his stupidity, we got quite a bit of love from the intelligent crew (Side note…apparently Tony Mazz moves product…TON of views)



Now we can argue all day long whether or not the shift is effective. My thought is that it’s by-and-large effective, but whatever…that’s not the point. The point is, people who think the shift should be “outlawed” are complete idiots. FACT. NOT OPINION.

As we implied with our tweet, those against the shift, in theory, would have argued to make double teams in basketball illegal. They also probably would’ve been railing against the forward pass, pulling the goalie, and the “Bucharest Backfire” (shout-out to my Tennis Peeps).

At one time or another, all of these were innovations, intending to provide an advantage within the rules of play.

This is stuff that should be celebrated, not outlawed. Rules should be made and enforced to protect fair play and competition…not used as a hammer to thwart outside the box thinking.



The shift provides no unfair advantage- may not even be an advantage at all. It’s not a hidden ball trick or some bush league gimmick…it’s not a surprise to the opponent. It’s a strategy designed to try and take advantage of an opponent’s perceived weakness. And we want to outlaw this…why?

What’s next, morons?

Should we have a rule saying a boxer can’t jab if his opponent doesn’t protect his right side well?!

Hey, right tackles aren’t typically great pass blockers, are we banning the overload blitz on that side?


Now, understood, this is just baseball and we aren’t splitting the atom here, but where else in the world would people be advocating so loudly against innovation? If I had this attitude, I would be sending these 540 words via email to Slavin, Cunnion, Kuch and Liberti…but instead I’m the CEO #magnate of a Multi-dollar Media Empire


Employing a shift is based on information. You take that information and you give yourself what you think are the best odds to succeed. With me so far?

You’re also making yourself vulnerable in an other area, which is something the opposition can also plan to take advantage of. In this case…drop a bunt, hit one to the opposite field, take extra bases, etc. Want to stop the shift? That’s how you do it! Not by making rules against it…Bill Polian wannabe.


I’m throwing a GUEST BLOGGING OPPORTUNITY out there to anyone who has a reason why the shift should be outlawed…bring on the debate. I truly dont understand the logic.

Any argument against shifts that includes “playing the game the right way”, “the fans want hits”, or “analytics are ruining baseball” are automatically excluded for being stupid. Anyone making these arguments wouldn’t be able to understand my counter-arguments…so they are hereby excused.

Anyone else’s opinion is welcome. Just someone explain to me why you and Tony Mazz are right, and I’m wrong.

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  1. LOL… I totally took the “I once saw a basketball team double team a guy and it was disgusting” in a different direction… talking ’bout S E X…


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