Moves like Barry??? Film Room Breakdown of Tammy Touchdown’s Run

Take it to the HOUSE!!!!!!

This girl…lady…woman…(what’s the appropriate nomenclature to refer to a female athlete these days???? (definitely not “female” right Cam?) anywho this person playing flag football is heating up the Internet with her Barry Sanders-esque moves so there’s only one thing for Hi-Top to do, it’s time to break down the tape.

The Pass Coverage

First things first what are YOU doing:

The QB isn’t even attempting to look anyone off. She’s staring straight at her target, arm locked and loaded, everyone else on the field appears to be doing NOTHING and the Cornerback is making a break on a non-existent receiver only she knows about. Granted the tape starts late and the play is already in progress (would love to get a look at the all 22 film here) but there could not possibly have been any play action fakes happening cuz there’s not a Running Back in sight. This is just plain poor pass coverage folks. As soon as the receiver turned the DB has to break on her. Maybe they’re in a conservative Cover 2 and the Defensive Coordinator is strictly anti-press coverage but that’s a big maybe.

The Run

The next Barry????

Tammy Touchdown is getting all the pub for her sweet sweet moves and rightly so. You put three bodies down to floor, you deserve some props. But I gotta question the tackling technique. Balance balance balance. Head up, feet shoulder with apart and stay balanced. Keep your eyes on the prize and grab that flag. Facts is facts and the moves are good but the defensive form is just sub par.

Secure That Ball!!!!!!

Tammy Touchdown what are you doing? Tuck that football!!!!! This is pure Prime Time Neon Deion stuff right here. All that’s missing is the high step. Wisely Tammy Touchdown avoids any real showboating, not her style obviously and we applaud that. Clearly she’s been there before and acts like it but ball security is paramount and in that regard she fails.

Hi-Top Scouting Breakdown







On Field Awareness

Overall we’d slot Tammy Touchdown as a mid First Rounder. The raw ability is there, she just needs to prove she’s dedicated and committed to really learning the fundamentals of the game.

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