Draft Lottery Preview – Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

Tonight’s Draft Lottery can be summed up in one word – complicated.

Here’s a handy graphic someone created that attempts to show the various odds of who can land where:

Basically the Celtics situation breaks down as such – they traded the rights to their Brooklyn pick to Cleveland. But as part of last year’s draft day deal with Philadelphia they get the Lakers pick IF it lands at 2 or 3. Otherwise it goes to Philadelphia.

So yes the three biggest rivals in the East are all linked together in this year’s Lottery.


Now normally rooting to move up in the draft via the lottery is a no brainer. Plus their is the added incentive of keeping a top pick in a loaded draft out of bitter rival Philadelphia’s hands.

Unfortunately it’s not that clear cut. Landing a Top 3 pick this year could have unintended Salary Cap consequences down the road.

The Celtics have a deep roster right now and it’s a major key to this year’s success and hopefully future successes. Adding in another top pick makes things very tricky.

Marcus Smart

Smart is a Restricted Free Agent this summer. Marcus Smart is the soul of this team. The Celtics need to keep Smart.

If the theoretical choice is between keeping Smart or landing a Top 3 pick the Lil’ Dogg chooses Smart no questions.

This draft is deeeeep. Quality players will be available the entire First Round. Danny Ainge is batting damn near 1.000 on draft day so there’s no hesitation in trusting he can find a solid player from the back end of Round 1.

Listen folks, the Lil’ Dogg is no math wiz so if there is a situation where the Celtics can land the #2 or #3 pick AND sign Smart AND keep all the key guys they already have well then of course I’m all for it but again any scenario that involves not signing Smart is NOT one this pup endorses.

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