The Fix is in….again

The NBA and conspiracies go together like peanut butter and fluff, they just taste soooooo good together (and if you’re anti-Fluff just go kick rocks cuz Fluff is gooooood).

The prevailing NBA Conspiracy Theory this post season revolves around referee Scott Foster.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Oh you say it gets better?

And looky looky looky who’s part of the Game 1 Ref Crew in Houston:

Now the Lil’ Dogg isn’t saying bet the house on the Rockets tonight….THE LIL’ DOGG IS SCREAMING:


Combine this with today’s breaking gambling news and this should be a live look at the Lil’ Dogg:

Now unfortunately it’s probably going to take about 50 years before our wonderful Commonwealth actually gets around to allowing a sports book to operate but when they do watch out for those Scott Foster games and bet the underdogs HEAVY.


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