Man Attempts to Play Golf in Button Down Shirt, Fails Miserably

The Players Championship got underway with Round 1 in the books down in Florida at TPC Sawgrass. The temperature hovered in the high 80s all day and here’s what Phil Mickelson choose to wear:

That’s a long sleeve button down right there folks.


The Lil’ Dogg is starting to sweat just looking at Phil.


It’s hard enough just getting up out of a chair in a button down without becoming all untucked and shit, never mind reaching up for something off a top shelf or God-forbid bending over to pick up something off the floor and this guy is out here twisting and turning swinging a golf club trying to compete in a professional sporting event for chrissakes.

What the hell are you thinking Phil Mickelson????

Sweet sweet cash 💵 is the only explanation here:

Obviously the bar for endorsements is pretty low for ol’ Phil. Give him 5 bucks and he’ll do a 30 minute infomercial spot promoting your Aunt’s Custom Knit Wear Etsy store.

But what a golfer wears on the course has real life benefits or consequences on his or her play. So how did Phil shoot you ask?

Mickelson posted a First Round 79, +7 on the day, putting him 13 strokes off the leaders and a few back of the Cut line so:

Actually Phil might want to try putting on one of Pete Campbell’s suits. He’d certainly look better and he can’t play any worse.

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