Hi-Top Legend – Dave “King Kong” Kingman

The Hi-Topper Lost Legends Series highlights players who all had one thing in common – style by the mile. They may not have been the best but they sure looked good gettin’ it done.

Dave “King Kong” Kingman – Home Run Hitter

Just take a gander at this glorious man:

Now watch him launch baseballs to the Moon:

*The dude coming out of his front door to a Home Run bouncing down the street is why Wrigley was Wrigley. Sadly now that house is probably a $10 million lux condo.

King Kong Kingman blasted 442 HRs in a career that spanned 8 teams over 16 years including 4 teams in ONE YEAR (1977) when he managed to play in every division in MLB at the time.

A 3x All-Star and 2x NL Home Run Leader, Kong did two things at the plate – either he hit a moon shot ding dong or he went down swinging, having struck out an epic 1816 times in his career. The dude was the epitome of “go big or go home”.

King Kong also inspired this absolute classic Tommy Lasorda moment when a reporter asked the Dodger skipper about Kingman’s 3 Home Run effort in a Cubs win over LA in 1978. (Warning – Tommy gets very very NSFW)

King Kong Kingman, Hi-Top salutes you and your mustache and your towering home runs, may you forever live in the hearts of baseball fans who love a guy who always swings for the fences.

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