Round 2 D-O-N-E, Bring on Bron Bron

Breaking News out of Las Vegas:

Even though the Eastern Conference Finals matchup of Boston/Cleveland is set, the geniuses in the desert are still picking the Philadelphia 76ers


Despite being the Underdogs in ALL 5 GAMES the Boston Celtics close out the Sixers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the second straight year:

Game 5 was a tense affair. Here’s a sneak peak at the Lil’ Dogg during the Fourth Quarter:

What a game, what a series, what a team.

Let’s start with the Rookie. You want to talk about Rookies, here’s our Rookie:

How’s your Rookie? Well one physically can’t shoot and the other mentally can’t shoot so unmmmm good luck with that Philly.

And the Lil’ Dogg Round 2 MVP Award goes to……Marcus Smart:

The dude is all heart. He never stops. He’s the absolute soul of this team and sequences like this at the end of the game are just pure Marcus:

He’s having a rough night at the line. Tried to miss on purpose to start the clock, knowing Philly has no timeouts, instead makes his miss so what does he do? Hustle back and steals the desperation inbounds pass just to make extra sure he finishes the job.

Who else? Who else? Oh yeah Jaylen Brown. Supposedly he hurt his hamstring. Looks pretty good to me:

Friendly reminder Jaylen Brown is 21 years old. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Also Coach Stevens is pretty good:

And finally let us not forget to mention Big Al. No fancy highlights. No crazy stats. Just Al Horford, power forward SHUTTING DOWN THE OPPOSING POINT GUARD BEN SIMMONS ALL SERIES LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On to the Eastern Conference Finals it is. LeBron James awaits. The know-it-all’s are already saying sweep, saying maybe the Celtics get 1 game but certainly no more. It’s going to be a cakewalk they say. LeBron is simply too good.

They never learn, these so-called experts, do they? Just keep betting against this team and see what happens.

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