True PLAYERS Championship

There are a lot of things I think we do well around here. But there are some I KNOW we do better than anyone.

Informed and entertaining blogging about golf, is absolutely at the top of that list.

NO-BOD-Y does it better than us. PERIOD. 

Golf Media? Please. Sycophants, carrying the metaphorical bags of the Pros, advancing whatever BS stories they’re fed without any thought or opinion of their own- little more than glorified pen names for the PR departments of the top guys on tour.

The “guys across the street”…or in this case, New York? Puh-lease. Their guy wants to turn golf into Summer Slam…they don’t know shit about shit. (I do agree with the guy on golf gambling…should be a bigger part of the fan experience).

We do it the best. And it’s our mission to bring more of you to golf, and golf to more of you.

We’ll have a lot over the next weeks and months about why you need to be following golf, if you’re not already. But today, I’m going to focus on one aspect that is of particular importance this week.


The Field.

The field of players is better than it has been, EVER. When Arnie and Jack were teeing off every Thursday, they knew that there were maybe 15-20 guys with any legit shot of competing that weekend, and the rest had to get home by Monday to sell insurance or vinyl siding to cover travel expenses. Now, that number of legit competitors is doubled, or tripled, in most cases. The Top 100 players are all flush with cash and sponsors. It’s a totally different game.

The strength and depth of the field will be on full display this weekend at TPC Sawgrass, in The PLAYERS Championship.


It’s the “fifth major” and it is the BEST field golf has to offer. The Majors are great, obviously. But, they are small fields, stocked with Old Timers and randos.

The PLAYERS is based on recent success. If you haven’t been good in the last year, take a hike. With all due respect to Tom Watson and Bernhard Langer, if they want to be at Sawgrass this weekend, they better buy a ticket. This one is about the best of the best, playing the best, on one of the best courses on the circuit.

I know the Majors have more attached significance, and history, but if you’ve seen a guy win The PLAYERS, you can’t tell me it doesn’t mean more to them than, say, The PGA. On tour, it has every bit the prestige as the Big 4, and even more in the way of bragging rights…these guys understand how hard it is to win.

This weekend should be a great one…so tune in and check out the best Golf has to offer.








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