Hi-Top Top 39 Guns N Roses Songs (with Bonus Top 5)

A while back the Lil’ Dogg blessed Hi-Top Nation with the Top 39 Pop Punk Songs of All-Time. Well this pup has been dancing with Mr. Brownstone all night long and feels like dropping some serious GnR knowledge on the masses.

We are talking album tracks (originals only, no covers allowed) here and 1987-1992 only as classic Guns is the only Guns we acknowledge around these parts. The list will go from non-essential to essential to stone cold classics with the proportional amount of comments related as is warranted. Ok enough with all this bitch slap rapping and the cocaine tongue we’ll get nothing done….Wooowza!!!!!!!

Top 39 GnR Album Tracks

(39-25 Inessential) Basically we are talking about Use Your Illusion era stuff here. Personally the Lil’ Dogg thinks UYI 2 puts UYI 1 to shame and has pretty much all the killer tracks. So the majority of this section is UYI album tracks. Skip ahead to #25 if you want to start with the good stuff, read on if you’re a completist.

39. My World

The last track of Classic Era Guns is a weird spoken word/rap techno attempt at keeping up with the Trent Reznors of the world. Honestly going on hiatus for 15 years was a wise move if this was the musical direction the band was headed at the time.

38. The Garden

37. Back off Bitch

Supposedly a left over from the Appetite years, this song just is not up to par with the rest of the stuff they put out on their debut so it’s easy to see why it was left off.

36. Perfect Crime

35. Dust N Bones

34. You Ain’t the First

33. Double Talkin’ Jive

32. Right Next Door to Hell

31. Don’t Damn Me

30. Bad Obsession

The Use Your Illusion sound was just way to heavy on piano and harmonica stuff. It worked occasionally but most of the time just dulled the edge off the classic GnR sound.

29. Locomotive

28. Garden of Eden

27. Bad Apples

26. Shotgun Blues

(25-16 Essential) Ahhhh here we go. Now we get to the good stuff.

25. Dead Horse

One of the few UYI 1 tracks that isn’t a mess. The acoustic intro is great and then kicks into yet another Axl’s been scorned song with some solid guitar work.

24. Get in the Ring

Guns versus Music Critics Pt 234. This song is all about Duff’s screed in the breakdown.

23. Pretty Tied Up

Just a ripper.

22. You’re Crazy

21. Night Train

You’re Crazy and Night Train are the “worst” songs on Appetite which means they are better than 99.9% of all rocks songs ever written.

20. Out Ta Get Me

“I’m innocent.” Written about Axl and Slash’s legal troubles in the bands early days.

19. Used to Love Her

Ahhhhh controversy. Not as big a controversy as One in a Million (which was obviously left of this list) but still got people worked up just like a good song should.

18. Yesterdays

17. 14 Years

Yesterdays and 14 Years are two quality, overlooked gems off UYI 2. The subject matter is well worn territory but the songs both have great melodies and memorable choruses that elevate them above the usual fray.

16. Think About You

(15-1 Stone Cold Classic)

15. November Rain

The video is better than the actual song. Yeah the Lil’ Dogg said it. November Rain is also the worst song of the epic Trilogy. Said that too. Deal with it.

14. Anything Goes

Just some low down dirty nasty lyrics right here. Axl was not messing around.

13. So Fine

Can a Guns song be lovely? So Fine is lovely.

12. Civil War

“What’s so civil about war anyways?”

11. My Michelle

Sleazy stories about tragic people. Thats the essence of early Guns.

10. Don’t Cry

The best video in the Trilogy but only the second best song.

9. Estranged

Worst video in the Trilogy but the best song. Disagree? Well you’re wrong.

8. Patience

Man I wish I could whistle.

7. You Could Be Mine

This song kicks. Also has an all-time rock lyric – “With your bitch slap rapping and your cocaine tongue you get nothin’ done”

6. Welcome to the Jungle

Maybe their most famous song but only their sixth best. The main guitar riff is insane tho. For real. Nuts.

5. Sweet Child O’ Mine

Yes it’s kind of corny but it’s also straight up amazing.

4. It’s So Easy

Okay here’s where things start to get interesting. Disagree if you want but just know you’re wrong. Facts is facts and It’s So Easy is sneaky maybe the best song on Appetite. Maybe. Depends on the day. Today its 4th.

3. Rocket Queen

It’s not fair really cuz Rocket Queen is actually two different songs. A nasty rocker and then maybe just maybe the best pop rock song of the 80s. That Guns could do both in the span of one track is why they’re Guns and you’re not.

2. Mr. Brownstone

A funk rock ditty about heroin addiction. Sure why not.

1. Paradise City

This is the essence of Guns n Roses distilled down to one kick ass 7 minutes of music. This song has everything. A nod your head beat, a killer riff, a nasty breakdown and probably the greatest chorus in rock history.

Bonus Hi-Top Top 5 Hair Metal Songs (not by GnR) – Rockers only, no ballads

5. Ratt – Round and Round

The first great 80s Hair Metal track?

4. David Lee Roth – Goin’ Crazy

Roth’s solo output is so underrated it’s criminal. The dude sucks but he owned the 80s. Facts is facts.

3. Poison – Talk Dirty to Me

Ce Ce pick up that guitar and talk to me. Honestly the only good Poison song. Sorry Le Cap.

2. Janet Jackson – Black Cat

Yes seriously. Black Cat rocks harder than anything Bob Jovi, Warrant or any of the million other hair band wannabes ever produced. The riff kills. Janet sings better than Kip Winger or Janey Lane could have ever hoped. Janet Jackson did Glam Metal the way it was supposed to be done. Those other bands should have taken notes and maybe they wouldn’t have disappeared like bad fog.

1. Motley Crue – Dr. Feelgood

The Crue would actually dominate any non-Guns list and would have at least 5 more list-worthy rockers but Dr. Feelgood is the one that comes closest to challenging the Guns throne. This tune hits like a ton of bricks.

That’s it. Those are the lists and as always the Lil’ Dogg is right and if you disagree that’s on you chump.


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