Guess That Ear (Fancy Suit Edition)

Not all heroes wear capes but sometimes they do wear absolutely ridiculous outfits to accompany their model wives to absurd rich people events like the Met Gala:

This is not “Tom Brady NFL Quarterback.”

This is “Giselle Bunchen’s husband Tom Brady.”

As much as New England Patriots fans want to pretend that Tom Brady is just a hardworking average joe the fact is this guy is closer to Scientology level Tom Cruise than he is Joe the Plumber.

The dude is weird.

And that’s fine. Hi-Top supports all kinds. Be who you want to be. But let’s all pull our collective heads out of the sand on Tommy Terrific. He’s a Northern Cali New Age Dude who has some really wacky ideas about health and is willing to wear a suit pulled from the Michael Jackson Victory Tour reject pile to a fancy shmancy Gala.

This ain’t Tommy from Billerica who fixed your roof last spring. He never was and never will be and once he (finally) retires he’ll probably never set foot in New England again.

Facts is facts folks and them the facts.

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