POS Couple Fakes Cancer Diagnosis: Help Me Shame the LaFrance’s

A troubling story came across the desk of Le Capitaine this weekend. It seems as though a pair of central New York dirtbags have been faking their son’s cancer diagnosis, and using it to defraud donors out of money.

I honestly didn’t want to write about these people…but ultimately would rather be a voice shaming them, than a silent observer.

Unfortunately, this type of thing is all too common. I remember reading about scams like this stemming from 9/11: “survivors” with phony injuries, families of those lost in the towers (but really didn’t exist), the whole litany.

Then came all the stories of stolen valor, resulting from the wars in the Middle East. Outright fabricated details of service- or service at all. Disgraceful.

In recent years I recall phony charitable organizations, or people just stealing proceeds from real charities. We also have phony “warranty expired” calls…ransom calls…fake bail money…IRS scams…the whole gauntlet of scum-baggery has seemingly been run.

I also know that some pieces trash faking their own cancer, or other illnesses, has definitely been a thing.

But this…pretending your kid has cancer…this is a new low. You can’t even bother to shave your own head and lose to weight to run a despicable scam; you need to involve and endanger your child?!

Well, that’s what breathing human excrement, Martin and Jolene LaFrance, “allegedly” have done over the past year or so. They, along with a uncle, fabricated a story about their son, having been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, in an apparent “get rich quick” scheme. They set up a Go Fund Me (of course they did) and solicited donations, and tried to garner sympathy for their son’s medical plight.

So, this has me thinking- you’re endangering your child, while also risking complete social ostracization and embarrassment, not to mention prion time. Clearly the payoff must have been huge- even for idiots like this- to undertake such an endeavor…right?!

Well- no…these utter failures at life, couldn’t even get a scam right.

Their Go Fund Me page garnered $3,334 bucks…THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?! That’s it? I mean, thank god it’s not more. But, this tells me a few things about these people. They have no idea how the world works and are completely clueless. They have very few friends or family who care about them. The people who they do have probably all think they are the type of dirtbags who would fake something like this.

There was one other “perk” they did manage to “get” through this deceit, however.

In the most “Central New York” development ever (no disrespect to our vast Central New York fan base), this family got to attend an August practice for the Syracuse Football team. Of course they did.

Don’t underestimate how big this was to them. The only people who drastically over-inflate the importance of Syracuse Athletics more than Alums of Syracuse, are people from Central New York.

In the grand scheme of things, you couldn’t pay me $3,334 to attend a Syracuse football practice…I might pay you half that much just to get out of attending one.

Well, the happy ending here is that these scumbags got caught. They are facing several charges, including child endangerment.

I, obviously, feel terrible for the child, CJ, and hope there are family members, or at least someone loving who can take him in and care for his the right way. I’m making it a point today to find and donate to a charity, to that will actually benefit him, or kids like him. Kids who don’t get to choose their family…and end up stuck with dirt bags for parents.

In the meantime, I’ll just do my part, to spread shame and smear the names of Martin and Jolene LaFrance…and anyone else like them.

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