Major League Baseball to Expand to 32 teams

Rumors are swirling that Major League Baseball is ready to add TWO teams to bring their total to 32 franchises for an even 16 in each League.

We here at Hi-Top HQ are very pro expansion franchises. Basically it’s a content gold mine.

Le Cap took a look at the MLB’s potential expansion plans last fall and offered up his thoughts on where a new franchise could land. Now you know the Lil’ Dogg respects the Boss, he’s a #bigthinker with #bigideas but this pup has to respectfully agree to disagree on this Le Cap take.

Last fall Montreal and Portland, OR were the cities getting the most heat. Le Cap offered up a few new suggestions as well and kudos to him, nailed Charlotte and Las Vegas, who seem to both have been added to the shortlist.

This time around for MLB the leaders in the clubhouse (get it) are Montreal and Mexico City. This will certainly hit the MAGA crowd right where it hurts. America’s National Pastime decides to grow and both options are foreign cities? Ouch.

The other good ol’ US of A cities being mentioned as contenders are the aforementioned Charlotte, Portland and Las Vegas. Gee those names sound awfully familiar and not just cuz of the Le Cal endorsement. Seriously Charlotte has already gained and lost and gained again like 8 NBA teams and the arena is still empty most nights. Vegas is the hot commodity these days with the Golden Knights flying into the NHL playoffs in their first year and the NFL Raiders on their way. But a third sports team so fast seems like a bit too much too fast. Plus baseball in Vegas during the summer sounds like a bad idea. And Portland, well okay but how about Maine not Oregon. Portland’s is great and all but enough is enough. Portland now is what Seattle was in 1995 and since everyone in Seattle in 1995 then moved to Portland well the whole thing is one big circle of hipster doofus shenanigans that just needs to be stopped.

How about a few new candidates huh? Some great cities that could really support a professional sports franchise. Luckily the Lil’ Dogg has some suggestions complete with nicknames, some great cities that could really throw their all behind an MLB team.

Hi-Top Top 5 MLB Expansion Franchise Destinations

5. Omaha Pins

Omaha is already a Baseball hot spot, hosting the College World Series every year. The heartland of America has been overlooked as a potential pro sports home for basically ever. The OKC Thunder have proven that small markets with one pro team can thrive.

As for the “Pins” name – Notable Omaha inventions include the Bobby Pin and the hair curler. Bowling is also a widely enjoyed activity by locals. Other options – StockYards, the Reubens (birthplace of the delicious sandwich) and the Expos (home of the 1898 World’s Fair – Hey Montreal had their shot and blew it. Move the team to Omaha!!!!!)

4. Boise Basque

Little know fact – Boise has one of the largest ethic Basque communities in the United States. Boise is also a beautiful city in a beautiful part of the country that is sadly devoid of pro sports teams.

3. Asheville Jam

Charlotte is always a bust. Also if you ever been there – well it sucks. Nashville is on the rise but they already have the NHL and the NFL. The Lil’ Dogg is officially declaring Nashville O-V-E-R. No more bachelor parties or 35th birthday trips. Not every musician on every corner is the greatest guitar player ever and even if they were I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT ANYMORE.

So let’s give beautiful Asheville North Carolina a shot at the big time. Asheville is a happening town with a great local brewery scene as well as big music festival destination hence the name Jam. Asheville is the new Nashville. You heard it here first folks.

2. Louisville Sluggers

Ahhhhh duhhhhhhh!!!!!!! This is such a no-brainer that it boggles the mind that Louisville has never had an MLB team. It’s also the 4th largest US city without a pro team. If Sluggers can’t work for legal reasons, Champs is a go-to alternative as Louisville is home to several notable boxing champions.

1. Bozeman Mountaineers

If you don’t think the people of Bozeman MT wouldn’t pack an MLB stadium every single game then we’ll you don’t know Bozemanians. Sure early spring and late fall games might be a weather challenge but they are pretty much everywhere else anyways and besides the schedule really needs to be shortened already. Small market teams can work and small market is really only a media construct these days. The whole world is a click away. The only thing small is your mind if you don’t think watching an MLB Baseball game in Bozeman MT with the mountains in the background would be an absolute destination vacation for any baseball fan.

That’s it. Facts is facts and if 2 of these 5 cities don’t get an MLB team soon well the powers that be only have themselves to blame.

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