On May the 4th, the only Sky Walker Is Kenny

May 4 is the Official Star Wars Nerd Holiday.

Now don’t get it twisted, this pup loves Star Wars as much as any other dude born in the late 70s/early 80s but there is no denying that saying “May the 4th be with you” has definitely jumped the nerf (see the Lil’ Dogg knows his Star Wars Nerd shit too).

So in that vain let’s forget about light sabers and Kessel Runs and focus on a true Skywalker, Hi-Top Legend

Kenny “Sky” Walker.

Best remembered for winning the 1989 Dunk Contest Kenny Sky Walker was an absolute stud coming out of Kentucky and went #5 in the 1986 draft. He was a two time SEC Player of the Year and First Team All-American.

Sky Walker’s NBA career was sadly hampered by knee injuries but he is still fondly remembered for his badass Hi-Top Fade (you know we love that)

and his one of a kind dunking style. Sky Walker was a big who dunked with extreme force, a two footed power dunker who loved to cradle the ball. But he was also athletic and graceful, punctuating his dunks with twists and bends of his legs that gave his dunks a real personal style.

You can have your Tauntauns and your midichlorians, we here at Hi-Top HQ will take the true Sky Walker.

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