Simmons plays Uno, Celtics Win

Led by an absolutely historic 1 point performance by presumptive Rookie of the Year (😭) Ben Simmons the Philadelphia 76ers COLLAPSED in the face of the relentless Boston Celtics who now take a 2-0 Series lead to Philly.

The Celtics were down 22 in the Second Period then stormed back to the thunderous delight of the hometown Boston crowd. Don’t come a knockin’ cuz the TD was a rockin’!

Big questions were answered last night in a solid Game 2 win.

How’s Jaylen’s hammy? Looks pretty good.

Will Terry Rozier finally start to wilt under the pressure? Nope.

How will Tatum handle the playoff atmosphere? Just fine thank you.

And about that Ben Simmons kid everyone was gushing over all season long, how’s he doing?

As the Lil’ Dogg so generously pointed out before the series began, the Celtics have played Simmons well in all their meetings. Coach Stevens has a plan (he ALWAYS has a plan) and the Simmons plan works. It helps that the dude absolutely refuses to shot the ball beyond 5 feet from the hoop and the Celtics have multiple looks they can throw at Simmons to minimize his impact and keep him from being able to do what he does best, which is attack the rim with a head of steam.

The Celtics head to Philly with a 2-0 Series lead and what has to be a mental edge after that Game 2 collapse by the Sixers.

The Goal is simple. Take 1 out of 2 on the road and finish things off in Game 5 at home but you know…

…a sweep would be nice.

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