Point-Counter Point – Let My Pitchers Hit

O Captaine! My Captaine! Rise up and see the Page Views;
The ship has weather’d every tweet, the prize we sought is won,
The Likes are near, the views are clear, the people all exulting,
But O heart! heart! heart!
O the screams of joy and fun,
Where on the blog my Le Captaine lies,
Shohei Ohtani has hit yet another home run!

It is I, my dear dear Hi-Top Nation, HBT Opinion Giver, the one and only true defender of all that is sacred in our beloved Base Ball.

It is with heavy heart that I read how our fearless leader, Monsieur Le Captaine, has unfortunately lost his way.

Any true devotee of Base Ball knows with all the truth in their heart that our Sport was forever altered on that desolate Winters day in 1973 when the shepherds, the gate keepers fool heartedly placed their own wallets above the sanctity of Our Game.

The Pitcher should hit. By God, By God the Pitcher should hit.

My poor poor Le Capitaine foolishly asserts in his screed that if a pitcher is good enough to hit they should be allowed and the DH used on another player.

Oh You Fool! You blessed blessed Fool!

Have you no knowledge of Rule 5.11 that states clearly that the Designated Hitter must only be used for the Pitcher!

How can I be expected to debate with someone who does not even possess basic knowledge of the Rules and Regulations of Major League Base Ball?

But I must digress because the truth of the matter is there is no debate to be had. Of course the pitcher can and should bat.

The beautiful symmetry of Base Ball was forever ruined by the introduction of the sacrilegious Designated Hitter.

9 Fielders. 9 Batters. 9 Innings.

This is the true essence of our National Pastime.

Only heathens would want to destroy such perfection.

We often speak of a Pitchers Duel.

But it is Base Ball itself that is the duel. Pitcher against Batter with only 60 feet 6 inches separating the two. When the hurler is then made to Bat against his counterpart the stakes are raised, the tension heightened. The Pitchers Duel becomes real.

The American League of Professional Base Ball Clubs long ago lost their way. Let us hope to never see the same curse befall the National Leaguers. The Senior Circuit plays Our Game the way it was intended, with all its inherent beauty on display.

Savior the National League. For every time Trevor Williams takes a bat in his hand, an Angel gets his wings.

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