Pitchers Hitting is Stupid…PERIOD. #DHforall

I love baseball, and like that in many ways, it’s played the way it always has been.

Don’t shorten the game to 7 innings. Don’t start guys with 1-1 counts. No gimmicks, please.

However, one thing absolutely needs to change…DH for everyone. You listenin’ Jester Manfred?!?!

Manfred Jester

Need convincing? Look no further than last night’s game between the Mets and Braves. Mets’ stud, Jacob Degrom, was in the middle of mowing down the Bravos, and extending his scoreless inning streak to 18 1/3, when he came to bat in the 5th. He hyperextended his elbow trying to hit, and had to leave the game. It looks like he might be good to go for his next start, but it could’ve been much worse.

jake degrom

This is nothing new. Serious injuries have happened in recent years to some star pitchers, and it’s senseless. Why are we doing this? Because some old farts think it’s folksy to watch pitchers hit?

If you’re in to that sort of thing, and need to get your rocks off, go ask your barber to replace your brake pads. Have your dentist fix your furnace. Do whatever stupid thing you want…just leave my goddamn pitchers alone!!!!

The other argument you hear a lot is that the DH dumbs down baseball. When the pitchers hit, you have more strategy. The “double switch” argument…like flipping two spots in the lineup for each other is some sort of friggin’ David Copperfield illusion. It’s not that difficult. Get rid of the double switch, and nobody will notice it after 6 weeks. But if you start adding a capable hitter to the lineup of 15 major league teams….oh, you’re gonna notice that.

The American and National League don’t really exist anymore…and that’s ok. They don’t have separate commissioners. The teams play each other all season. The Brewers and ‘Stros have actually changed leagues. So why are we clinging to this one rule? Is it that important to see a bunch of guys hit .172 and strike out 40% of the time?!?! *not verified stats

Look, if you have a pitcher that can hit better than a hitter, by all means…let him hit. OH MY GOD…look at that: STRATEGY!!!!

Also, DH”s aren’t just big old lumbering guys anymore. The position is used strategically (hmm, sounds like more strategy to me) by many teams to take more advantage of matchups, and to get more quality players into the lineup; teams often cycle players through the position. It’s good for the players. It’s good for the fans. It’s good for baseball.

So, for god sakes, for those of us who are rational baseball fans, just stop the nonsense. Allow the DH in the “Senior Circuit”.

Absolutely no chance the Jester will do this though. He isn’t a #bigthinker . I’m all about #forwardcapforward…and he’s living in the past, hanging on to tradition for tradition’s sake.

C’mon Rob….




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