Is Mookie Betts the Greatest Hitter of All-Time?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but…

Mookie Betts went 4-4 yesterday.

Mookie Betts smashed three homeruns yesterday.

Mookie is currently #1 in the Majors in Batting Average at .365 and tied for #1 in Home Runs with 11. Sure he’s #17 in MLB and #14 in the AL in Runs Batted In but he’s actually only 9 R(s)BI (R(s)BI is a Hi-Top trademark cuz it’s Runs Batted In not Run Batted Ins folks) off the pace which is pretty ridiculous cuz Mookie is A FREAKIN’ LEADOFF HITTER!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Blackmon set the record for leadoff R(s)BI last season and Alfonso Soriano has the record for leadoff homers in a season with 39.

Both records are easily in Mookie’s sights this season if he stays healthy.

The real question is just how great is Mookie in historical terms.

Well how do you feel about Ted Williams? Pretty good hitter huh?

Well Mookie is out here smashing the Splendid Splinters CAREER records in only his 5th year!!!!

Career 3 HR games:

Ted Williams – 3

Mookie Betts – 4

How da ya like dem apples???????

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