And the Award for Hardo of the Year goes to…Ken Giles

Houston Astros closer Ken Giles gave up a 3-run bomb in the 9th then got pulled after another rocket and well just take a look at what took place on his way to the showers:

Let’s breakdown this epic Hardo performance shall we.

Right from the jump we know Giles is a truly special Hardo. Is there a more “look at me, look at me” Hardo move than the self face punch? But what really sets ol’ Ken apart from your average everyday Hardo is the combination move Giles busts on us.

A chest slap/face punch 1-2 combo. That’s unheard of folks.

So we know Giles ain’t messing around here but how could he possibly follow up such a devastating Hardo move as the chest slap/face punch?

With a true classic, that’s how.

You might say that the Bat Slam is beginner level Hardo 101 stuff and you’d be right. But Ken Giles is no Hardo amateur. He’s on to some next level, Expert Hardo shit folks and that why he ties up the classic Bat Slam with another 1-2 combo.

Ken Giles rains vengeance down upon the very weapon that has just destroyed him and that is why even though it is only May, Ken Giles has already won Hardo of the Year.

Congrats Ken. You deserve it.

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