Slo-mo T-ball Kid is Disgrace to the Game

9If you haven’t seen this yet…there’s a video of a kid at his t-ball game running home in Slow-Motion. Here’s one version of it…set to goofy circus music


People are going nuts for this. Think it’s the funniest/ cutest thing ever. Well, I agree…it’s a big joke. A BIG JOKE of a way to play baseball.

Where is the heart?! Where is the hustle?! You’re supposed to WANT IT. You play the game the right way…or you don’t play it at ALL. But not this little guy…he’s too concerned with drawing attention to himself, and cracking people up.

If this type of thing goes unchecked, he’ll grow up to be another player who celebrates home runs too earnestly…or wears his cap slightly askew…all the things we should HATE about baseball!


And don’t give me that “Le Cap, it’s just t-ball, lighten up”. One of the most iconic plays in baseball history was Hall Of Famer* Pete Rose plowing into catcher Ray Fosse…in the Freakin’ All-Star Game- the most pointless of pointless baseball games.


Now THAT’S how you round third for home, lil’ bro. You think Charlie Hustle was trying to make people laugh? He couldn’t care less. He was all about winning, and respecting the game. This is the type of guy who kids should be emulating!


Speaking of respect, how about the utter lack of respect for authority? I mean, look at this SHIT. His coach comes to help him and he SHOVES HIM OUT OF THE WAY?! All so he can continue his little self-serving routine. 



So typical of kids today. And these parents are just laughing! Egging him on!!! C’mon people! YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You’re creating a society of “Me First” #SNOWFLAKES, who aren’t capable of taking direction and think they are all owed something.


Another thing, did he even think about how his teammates feel? Check out No 4 here. He’s taken his on-deck swings, checked out the way the defense is positioned, recalled the scouting reports and film.. he has a plan and he wants to execute it. Just doing all the right things. Now, he’s got to deal with this sideshow?!

He looks like he is thinking about cracking him in the shins.



Well, little guy, if you were a real ball player, you’d know, the last laugh is going to be on you. Because when it switches from T-BALL to Coaches Pitching…I think you’re going to get one right in the backside. That’s how baseball is played.

Respect the game. Play the game the right way. And if not, the baseball gods and the unwritten rules will catch up to you. You start showing people up like this, you’ll pay for it.


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