Guess That Ear

This morning’s GTE is a scary one….

Scary Terry that is.

Well a Point Guard was certainly the star of the show last night, just not the Point Guard everyone expected it to be.

Terry Rozier III put on an absolute beauty of a performance as the Boston Celtics easily took Game 1 from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Rozier had 29 points and went 7-9 from deep.

He flashed some serious handles while dropping dimes:

Terry bossed the game the way a player can who gets hot and knows his shot is falling.

(Ben Simmons on the other hand….)

This was Terry’s night (with a nice 28 from Tatum tho). Are we going to get 29 from TRIII every game? Probably not…..but maybe…..

Rozier has grown to levels nobody imagined this season and right now he is shining (and stunting…check the kicks)…

P.S. Is it too soon to start breaking out the brooms?????

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