Weekend Winner

Happy Monday Hi-Topper Nation!

Both the NHL and the NBA have taken their playoffs to the next level, round 2 that is.

To get into the Second Round our Weekend Winner LeBron James literally dragged a pile of garbage up and down the court for 7 games and managed to somehow win 4 out of the 7.

This is BY FAR the worst team Bron Bron has had since his early years, even the 2006-7 team that got swept in the Finals by the Spurs had a roster of solid NBA lifers.

These current Cavs are hot 💩 and need a 45 points in 43 minutes performance from James just to eek past the Indiana Pacers.

There’s no love lost between Bron Bron and the Lil’ Dogg, that’s for sure but facts is facts and James put in work to get the Cavs to Round 2. If Toronto doesn’t exploit the absolutely porous Cavalier defense and finally vanquish their Arch Enemies this year then they never will and the franchise should just fold.

Toronto in 6 (get it).

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