Just Stop With Your Draft Analysis

There has been some bitching around town about the Patriots’ draft. About how they seemed to ignore some current needs, and simultaneously ignored the QB position.

Well, folks, they did draft a QB. In the 7th round, they took Danny Etling of LSU. This pick has gone basically unnoticed, but it certainly got my attention. Any time the Patriots draft a quarterback, it deserves some careful examination.

In this case, I’ve done some work, and come up with a player comparison for y’all:             *(college stats, most recent two years as starter)

QB Comparison

Before we reveal who is who, who’d you rather have for the Patriots?

They compare favorably. Player A has a better Yards Per Attempt, better TD-INT ratios, and a better rating.

Player B has more TD’s and yards, in one fewer game, but doesn’t take care of the ball as well, and doesn’t appear to be as efficient moving the ball.

I think for the way Belichick and McDaniels run their operation, based on the stats they’re more likely to go with Player A, who is none other than 7th Round Draft Pick, Danny Etling. These stats represent his two years at LSU, after transferring from Purdue.

Player B is another late round QB that the Patriots passed on several times. Like Etling, he failed to secure the job as a starter in his first two years, and won the job in his Jr year after deciding at the last minute not to transfer.

His name? Tom Brady.

What’s my point? My point is that draft analysis, five minutes after the draft is freaking stupid and useless. Let me take that back….it’s stupid when Kiper and McShay are doing it…it’s downright dangerous when you’re doing it.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. You think you can watch a game and break down a players’ weaknesses and strengths, but there are so many factors that go into each individual play and game, that you can’t possibly know. You’re clueless.

There’s a non-zero chance Danny Etling is the next Tom Brady after he comes here and develops…it’s unlikely, but it was also unlikely Tom Brady was the next Tom Brady.

So let’s all, collectively, catch our breaths, shut the hell up because we don’t know what the hell we are talking about, and give it a solid 2-4 years before we decide who anyone really is…especially late round Quarterbacks.



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