Bring on Philly

It took a full seven games but JOB DONE. Giannis was a Freak and Middleton still hasn’t missed a shot but when you’re playing a 75 year old Jason Terry in crunch time well that might not be the best of coaching decisions. If the Bucks ever put together even a half way decent coach/roster combo around Giannis the East will be in real trouble but thankfully for the Celtics that day is still a loooong way off.

And right now the Celtics have Jayson Tatum doing things like this sequence:

Either one of those two plays would be a defining moment for most players but the fact that Tatum can pull off that sequence in his first playoffs as a 20 yr old rookie means his future is brighter than the sun ☀️.


As stated a million times previously, Marcus Smart is the engine, the sweat and tears and heart filled engine that powers this team. With Marcus on the court literally anything is possible.

Al Horford is an NBA All-Star for a reason and don’t let anyone say otherwise:

Terry Rozier is a starting NBA point guard so enjoy him while we can.


That’s all these Celtics get before Philly shows up on their doorstep ready to rumble. The Sixers took out the heat in a 5 round boxing match. This will be war.

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