Running Back?!

Sony Michel was an absolute stud at UGA. I always liked him more than Chubb. He was a more dangerous game-breaker. He’s explosive. He’s strong. He can catch the ball. A real game-changer. Check out this highlight film…all from one game. 15 touches for 222….jeez….


He’s exactly the type of running back I’d want the Patriots to have. But….

Taking a RUNNING BACK in the FIRST ROUND?!?!?!

Look, maybe it’ll work out. And I’ll allow myself to be a fan of the dude regardless of the acquisition cost, but it’s an odd choice for a team who gave up a thousand points in the Super Bowl. I guess their solution is to score 1001?

This team has real life needs, and running back isn’t one of them. Sure, they lost Dion Lewis. But Dion Lewis came off the scrap heap, just like Blount and Woodhead before him. That’s where I’d prefer they do their running back shopping…the Thrift Store…not the boutique.

There are still legit Corners, Safeties and Pass Rushers available, and maybe that was part of their thinking. It’s like their at the end of the round of a snake draft, and they’re banking on a guy they really want getting back to them. If it works out for them, great. But no matter who they get with their next pick, even if the pundits end up calling it the “Best Value in the Draft”, it doesn’t change what they did at #31. No matter how hard the Patriots media cartel shoves their genius in our faces…they should have done something different with their second pick.

They need defensive backs, edge players, oh, and don’t they have another position…what is it…where the starter is getting old…I think he’s like 40, or something crazy…hmmm, I’ll come up with it, give me a minute….

Sony Michel might be the best RB to come out of this draft. But running backs just aren’t worth that type of investment. Their careers are generally short, and even the ones that hang around a while only have small windows where they are at their peak. 4 years tops.

They are the closers of the NFL…you want to have a good one, but don’t invest too much in them, because a newer and better one will fall out of the sky into your lap.

And god dammit….they should’ve taken Lamar Jackson!!!!

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