Hi-Top Declaration – We Fully Support Brad Marchand’s Right to Lick People

Hi-Top Nation is and always will be an inclusive organization. We love you Hi-Topper Nation just the way you are.

We accept all kinds no matter what “normal” “mainstream” society might have to say about you. Get freaky Hi-Toppers. It’s okay.

For example, Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins happens to love licking other hockey players.

That’s alright by us but apparently the NHL sees this as a problem.

Hey Brad Marchand. Do you, buddy, do you.

We all have our quirks, our proclivities. You like to lick. You want to lick. You need to lick.

So keep on licking. Tell the NHL, those uptight suits in Saskatchewan or Moose Neck or wherever the NHL corporate bigwigs reside, that you won’t stop. You can’t stop.

Lick on Brad Marchand. Lick on.

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