Celtics Hangover – On to Game 7

The Bad News – the Boston Celtics looked completely overwhelmed by Giannis last night. The Greek Freak can and did it whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

The Boys in Green (Celtics green that is) gave it that ol’ Boston Try and managed to even tie the game but really and truly they never had a chance last night. Any time momentum even thought about swinging the Celtics way the Bucks hit a big shot.

Has Khris Middleton missed all series cuz it certainly feels like he hasn’t?????

And Giannis. Giannis Giannis Giannis. Nightmares of Giannis taking two GIGANTIC steps and going from half court to the rim will haunt Celtics fans for the next 10 years. His Eurostep is literally incomprehensible. It makes no physical sense. He defies physics.

The Good News – The Celtics host Game 7. Nobody has won a road game yet in this series. The Bucks are easily shook. The calls will (hopefully 👏👏👏👏) Go Boston’s way.

Lil Dogg’s Confidence Level – 8 out of 13 (but rising hourly)

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