Pats Need to Take…Lamar Jackson

I’m here to say I whole-heartedly endorse the Pats picking Lamar Jackson at #23.

Even if they have to trade 23 and a later pick to move up a few spots …do it. He’s my guy. He’s our guy. More importantly, I think he’s Josh’s guy.

First, let’s talk about his game. He’s obviously got exceptional talent and explosive athleticism, but he’s not just a runner. He’s got a big arm, and among his strengths on several scouting reports are:

  • Field Vision
  • Ability to run through progressions
  • Pocket Presence
  • Toughness
  • Durability


He’s also run an offense at Louisville that, according to much of what I’ve read, is pretty similar to what the Patriots do. This isn’t some Big 12 QB throwing 70 times a game out of 5 WR sets…and it’s not some guy running read option all game long.

The only real knock on him is that he’s not consistently accurate. But, hey, he’s got the arm and the head for it…he’s got good mechanics…I think he’ll be able to fugure that out, especially working for 2 years or so with the Pats staff and under Brady.

And…god damn…he’s such an exciting player. Can make plays all over the place. We need this guy….give me this guy, NOW!!! I want ALL THE FUN!!!


Now, let’s get down to what really matters:

Do the Pats’ actually want him? 

There have been leaks for weeks about the Pats’ interest in Jackson, and many have been speculating if it’s real or a smoke screen. Even though the Pats’ are a bunch of dirty liars this time of year- for which I give them utmost credit- I’m on the “It’s Real” Bandwagon.

My evidence:

The Visit to Foxboro–  It was very hush-hush…happened weeks ago, and nobody really reported it at the time. That’s typical of the Patriots, but not when they are trying to mislead people.  When the Pats’ met with Tim Tebow before the draft, they took him to dinner in the North End and made sure they were photographed…Belichick even commented about Tebow. They were NEVER drafting Tebow. This is totally different.


The “Second Visit” in Florida- This just trickled out in the last day or two, that the Pats visited him after his initial trip here. The most interesting thing about this, it leaked out that Josh McDaniels was part of this trip.

There have been a lot of rumblings about Josh’s involvement (or non-involvement) in the draft process, particularly when regarding the “Next QB”. I think the fact that the team made a point to have McDaniel’s travel to meet Jackson, for a second visit, is indicative that they are serious about the guy, and they are taking Josh’s input on it- both good signs for this being the guy, and for the Patriots moving forward.


The Brady Factor- It’s no secret Brady has been dicking around with the team. He was never not going to play, but he let the speculation build, orchestrated media hits on Bill via his boys, and gave no comments of his own on the matter.

We know Bill invested in a QB the last time he questioned Brady’s future. And we know that his post-draft press conference referring to TB’s “Age and Contract Situation” seemed to strike a nerve with the aging QB. Well, this time around, the stakes are MUCH higher.

So, Belichick has already started talking up the next guy…this is why we’re hearing so much about Jackson ahead of the draft. It’s the way he can put the screws back on his (soon-to-be) 41 year old QB. It’s going to motivate Brady to get his head on straight and get his ass to practice. He’s going to need to be ready to roll as usual. Or this young stud is going to knock his block off.

Oh…baby….I can’t WAIT for this!!!!



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