Lithuania Loses It’s Balls

The Balls have taken their Balls and gone home.

Reports out of Lithuania are that Papa Ball has pulled Middle Ball and Little Ball from BC Vytautas with two games left in the Lithuanian League season.

Not surprisingly the reason behind the sudden departure stems from disagreements with the Head Coach.

From the mouth of the Biggest Ball:

The final statistics for the pair in Lithuania look thusly:

But to say the Brothers Ball had a less than stellar showing across the pond would be to completely miss the point. Basketball is merely the sideshow. The Circus is the main attraction and the Circus did not disappoint.

It’s on to NBA Draft prep for Middle Ball who’s projected as not being projected at all. It will take a leap of faith and logic for a team to actually use a pick on him but again it’s safe to assume that getting selected was never the real agenda anyways.

Big Baller Brand over everything and the fact that major sports outlets in America are writing about how two mediocre teenagers left a second tier team in Lithuania just proves that once again Levar is playing Star Wars Hologram Dejarik Chess aboard the Millennium Falcon and the rest of us are down here on Earth playing Tiddlywinks.

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