Bruins Cycle the Puck to a Game 7 Win

Hello Hockey Hi-Toppers! Have no fear the Lil’ Dogg is here with vast amounts of hockey knowledge to break down the big Game 7 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

First things first, the question on all hockey fans minds after a Game 7 – How was the handshake line?

Well according to Hi-Top’s exhaustive research the Boston-Toronto Handshake Line is now tied for 1st as the Greatest Handshake Line of All-Time, tied with all 17,563 other handshake lines that are also the Greatest Thing in All of Sports.

It really is amazing how Hockey invented handshakes. Good job boys.

On to the game. The B’s started off slow, just not nearly enough Puck Cycling in the first two periods and Boston found themselves down 4-3.

Thankfully the Boys in Black were able to sharpen their blades in time for a roaring Third Period.

The Pucks were dumped then cycled, cycled then dumped as the Killer B’s dropped a cool 4 netters in the Third. Good on ‘Ya mates. Wait, scratch that. Got my Australian and  Canadian mixed up, eh.

It’s now on to the great hockey hotbed of Tampa Bay, Florida to face off (get it) against the Lightning.

Lil’ Dogg’s 5 Keys to Beating the Lightning

  1. Cycle the Puck
  2. Dump the Puck
  3. Watch the Blue Line
  4. Win Face-Offs
  5. Practice those Handshakes

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