Hi-Topper Top 5 Things Happening in the James Harden Photo

A photo of James Harden from the Rockets/Timberwolves game on Saturday is sweeping across the Internet. Here’s said photo:

This photo has rightfully captured the public’s imagination because there is A LOT happening here.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Things Taking Place in the James Harden Photo Sweeping the Internet World

5. The Gentlemen

These two dapper well dressed gentlemen seem to be enjoying a pleasant evening at the local Basketball Arena.

Their outfits are top notch indeed. Is that a RUN DMC tee shirt peaking out from the Man in Gray’s suit? Nice touch. Both suits are exceptional by the way. We call that classy-suit-with-no-tie look “The Clooney” around these Hi-Top parts.

But what is the Man in Gray clutching???? Is that a Man Purse? A “European Carry-All????

Its a nice bag for sure. No judgments here on possessing a Man Purse. If Seinfeld can pull it off anyone can. Its just not what you expect to see front row at an NBA Playoff Game in Minneapolis.


4. This Lady

The woman in yellow is getting a lot of play for her reaction but the Lil’ Dogg is more fascinated by the woman behind her. Yellow Lady is reacting exactly how any normal person would if a 6’6″ NBA player landed in the seat next to you but the women behind her looks like she’s at a matinee showing of a middle school production of Beauty & the Beast. Hello???? Did you happen to miss that James Harden just crashed into the seat two feet from you????

3. This Guy

Hey buddy, James Harden is literally right next to you. Also by the direction everyone else is looking the actual basketball game is taking place in the opposite direction of where you are gazing. What could possibly have consumed this dude’s attention so much that he is not only ignoring the game he paid to watch but also the fact that the biggest star in said game is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. He looks like he’s checking the clock at his son’s karate class.

2. What is in this Bro’s hand?

These two Bros are displaying what an expert would deem “Typical Bro Behavior”. These are two quintessential Bros right here. The backwards hat, the pointing, the “Duuuuuude” expression on their faces. But what exactly is Green Hat Bro holding????

Is it a handy wipe? The wrapper from a soft pretzel? Is he trying to brush dirt off Harden’s shoulder? Inquiring minds need to know. And why such aggressive pointing. Do you think people are going to miss that James Harden just landed in the front row.

The only way these guys could possibly be more Bro is if this game was taking place in the Phi Delta Frat House.

1. Drink Lady

Drink Lady is having herself a night out on the town. I’m gonna have to say this is drink 5 at least. Just look at her grip on that cup. That’s a party grip right there. Drink Lady is toasting and cheering anything and everything that is happening. Commercial break t-shirt cannons? Whoooo! James Harden into the crowd? Cheers! And how could you blame her. Just look at the wet blanket of a date she’s with. Lighten up dude. Your shoulders are so tense I’m getting anxious just looking at you. Have some fun. Your date certainly is. It’s the playoffs buddy. Minnesota is in the post season for the first time in forever. Let’s party!

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