Gronk Can Go Kick Rocks

Dear Hi-Topper Nation,

My name is Lil’ Dogg and this pup has a confession to make:

The Lil’ Dogg is Capital T Tired of Rob Gronkowski’s act.

First Gronk was playing coy about trading the NFL for the WWE.

Now it’s Motocross dirt bike racing:

Gronk held this press conference at the Patriots practice facility to promote some dirt bike race taking place at Gillette Stadium and once again played the fool while answering football related questions.

Hey Gronk buddy, if you want to retire then fine that’s certainly your choice to make. Your body has been through hell and you really have nothing left to prove on a football field.

If you are playing the contract game cuz your deal sucks and you know you deserve a shit ton more money than you are currently making then that’s fine too.

But enough with the “golly gee” bullshit.

Gronk is a Grade A Tool. Always has been, always will be. But he was the Patriots Tool. The Gronk Act appealed to a certain demographic and the ridiculous Dunkin’s commercials were tolerable cuz you knew when it came to football he was all business. He was gonna bust his ass and put his body on the line to win games.

Gronk trying to sound philosophical while answering questions was endearing cuz he was so bad at it. Gronk trying to play coy and be a smart ass is not endearing. Especially when he’s wearing goddamn Monster Energy Drink gear from head to toe.

Enough is enough Gronk. The Lil’ Dogg is D-O-N-E done. Play if you want. Retire if you don’t. Hold out if you want more cash. Just stop trying to be funny about it.

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