Breaking News: MLB to Cancel Season give Title to Red Sox

Ok not really but it should at least be considered as an option.

The Red Sox are now 16-2 and in the three games against the Angels (which was supposed to be a litmus test) the Sox have outscored the Californians 27-3.

Mookie Betts has to be the early season favorite for AL MVP. Let’s leave the hardcore number crunching to the Le Cap’s of the world but the Lil’ Dogg knows greatness when he sees it and this pup sees it in Betts. Two leadoff homers in three games is Ricky Henderson-esque. He’s hitting a cool .391 – that’s still considered good right, advanced statheads????

Here’s a little Mookie nugget for ya:

It took Teddy Ballgame like 5000 games to have 3 3 HR games. To Mook like 5. Ya that’s pretty good. Pretty pretty good.

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