Patriots Need to Call Brady’s Bluff, Put him on the Market

I’ve always been #TeamBrady. But now, for the first time since mid-2001, I’m beginning to question it.

When it comes to Jimmy G, I never bought in and was convinced he is too fragile…and that is probably at least 50% due to my refusing to turn my back down on Brady.

When it comes to Guerrero, I think Brady has gotten waaay into it, and has rounded second and heading for Scientologist on the weirdo scale, but….let him have his guy in house. It clearly works for him. As long as it’s clear the trainers’ and medical staff’s word is what ultimately counts, you can let the guy on the team plane.

But if there is something that would make me turn on my favorite athlete of all time, it’s this passive aggressive, “maybe I won’t play” media leak, whose-dick-is-bigger bullshit that #12 is orchestrating now.

brady dick

Let me make this clear…we all know Brady is playing in 2018. Everyone knows this. Is you buy that he might not play, I’ve got an investment opportunity for you. But my point is, we all knew Brett Favre was playing those last few years in Green Bay, and we all ripped the shit out of him for acting like a whiny baby. And when Favre was doing it, he was dicking around with Mike Sherman and Mike McCarthy…not exactly Bill Belichick.

When you add in the “suggestions” from those in the know that Brady may have a role in the other “attacks” on Belichick this offseason, from Gronkowski and Amendola, particularly, this is just some petty bullshit.

He’s basically acting like Lebron….and I’m sure we’ve all shit on Lebron for pulling this stuff.

First off, Belichick largely made you…as you, him. Neither of you would be what you are if not together. Let’s remember that, chief.

Secondly, you’ve talked to anyone who would listen to you over the last 2-3 years about how you were going to play into your Mid-40’s or “Until I suck”…well you’ll be 41 and you’re the MVP, so….get off the camel and get the fuck on the field, hoss.

Thirdly, as was insinuated in Seth Wickersham’s largely accurate piece, you had a hand in influencing Kraft to intercede on the Jimmy G front. Was that all just for some leverage? What a cheap-ass move if it was.


Look, I get that Belichick is a prick to play for…he has been for 19 years. He hasn’t changed. I also get that his stock is as low as it’s been since ’01, because of the Butler fiasco. But is that what we’re here for, Tom? A PR war? That’s what it comes down to? A PR game over who has the control? Over who gets the credit for the run? That is some serious weak-ass bullshit.

If I’m the Patriots right now, Kraft and Belichick, I’d get together and call this guy’s bluff. I’d leak to Schefter, or Reiss, or Wickersham, that Brady is on the market. Force his hand. Because I’ll be honest, the ship is out of the barn on the QB-Coach getting along. It’s all just a pissing match now. So, Belichick and the franchise should exert a little pressure back on #12, get him in line, and then they can all co-exist for the remainder of his contract.

If for some reason the threat of a trade doesn’t work…then- I can’t believe I’m saying this- trade his ass. Pull the trigger. Two weeks ago, I’d have told you that seeing Brady in another uniform would’ve been tragic to me, but all this BS has convinced me. Rip off the Band-Aid, and just do it.

Now look, I don’t think it would ever come to that. Brady doesn’t want to leave, and Kraft doesn’t want to trade him. It seems that TB-BB haven’t gotten along in a while, and clearly there has been a high level of success. So maybe dysfunction is the recipe in Foxboro. Just keep it going for another year or two.

There is already plenty of credit to go around, Tom. You’ll get your due. But if you feel like you need more credit…do it on the field, bro. Not through the media. That’s for lesser people than you…get on the field, and stop with this BS.



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