Somebody Please Tell ‘Em Who the Eff I Is! Sarah Sellers!

Who she is, is Hi-Top Ahtletics First Ever (I think) Hi-Topper Woman, and second place finisher in yesterday’s Boston Marathon, Sarah Sellers .


We are all about winning here, obviously, so of course we salute Des Linden, who was a somewhat unexpected winner, but she has run several major marathons, and has come in second in both Boston and Chicago.

Ms. Sellers on the other hand, finished in 2nd yesterday, in her SECOND MARATHON EVER. Let that sink in for second. On a day that saw several elite runners bow out due to the awful conditions, Sarah not only finished, but nearly WON the damn thing.

Today, 2nd is the new 1st.

Her finish was such a shock that the assembled Marathon(?)…Track and Field(?)…Running(?) Media didn’t even know who she was. She wasn’t considered part of the elite field- had to start in the second wave- and she didn’t even know she took second until an official notified her.

sellers 2

Obviously, to come from the ranks of amateur one-timer, to 2nd place finisher, we must be dealing with someone who put her life on hold to train full-time, right?

Nah…Sarah is a Full-Time Nurse Anesthetist from Utah, whose training runs kick off at 8pm or 4 am. She does train hard though, reportedly running up to 100 miles a week. I have no clue, but that sounds like a lot…even for marathon training.

She has no sponsors, no agent, no manager….she’s just someone who qualified.

If you don’t already feel inferior enough, this 26-year old ass-kicker graduated a few years ago with a 4.0 while running track at Weber State, and said she is going to use her $75K to pay down she and her husband’s student loans. Kidding me, girl?! No chance that’s what I’d be doing if I won 75 Grand at 26 years old.  Not even close. This woman has her shit on lock down.

sellers weber

What are Sarah’s plans after this success? She’s working a shift Wednesday, then she plans on preparing for the Olympic trials…but will not scale back on work.

Alright Sarah, you’ve officially impressed me…and therefore you’re unseating Rec League Turned NHL Goalie, Scott Foster, as the Current Reigning HTTA PERSON OF THE YEAR. 


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