Guess That Ear

The Lil’ Dogg is torn.

We all knew this day would come eventually but why did it have to be so soon????

Our beloved Red Sox are facing the California Angeles and on the mound will be my one true love, the man who is double handedly shoving it in Le Cap’s face every time he plays…

“ShoTime” Shonei Ohtani

The BoSox take on ShoTime and the Angeles tonight at the ungodly hour of 10:05 PM EST. Those Elite West Coasters shoving it right in the face of the people on the East Coast, just daring us to stay up late on Tuesday night.

This should be a fun one folks. The Red Sox are just straight up demolishing teams and for all those claiming Ohtani will wilt under the strain and pressure of an MLB season here’s the first big time test of his skills on the mound.

Let’s play ball!

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