We’re smack in the middle of Bruins’ playoffs and our hockey guy is off touring Europe (true story). So, your fearless leader is going to step in and drop some hockey knowledge on ya.

B’s fans…I’m going to warn you…you might not like it. To steal a popular refrain from a local hockey genius:  “I’M WORRIED, MIKE!!!! I’M SORRY….I AM!!!!”

Reasons I’m Worried

One Goal Games

Most teams who go on Cup runs have great success in one goal games, especially in the playoffs, when everything tightens up, play is more physical and the goaltending is at its best.

The Bruins have not won a one goal game since March 25th, and have not won a SINGLE one goal game in the playoffs. This could be something that comes back to bite them.


Scoring Average

The Bruins averaged 3.29 Goals per game this season over 82 games.

So far this series, the Bruins have averaged 6 GPG. They’ve scored WAY TOO MUCH!!!

For those of you not used to using advanced metrics in hockey analysis, that means they will be averaging 0 goals for the next 2-plus games. Nobody has won a playoff game with zero goals…at least not since the 1920-21 Toronto St. Patricks- and I don’t have to remind you what happened to them….


David Pastrnak

Look, this guy is great. But he’s a “point a game guy”. He’s got 9 POINTS in 2 games. Folks…he is likely to go scoreless over his next 7 games. Obviously, they’ll have to drop him from the first line to compensate for this, and good luck beating Toronto without your best goal scorers on the top line….stupid coaching decision…but hey, he’s a rookie coach.


So there you go B’s fans. I’m just keeping it real. I’d love to see another run for the Mr Stanley’s Cup…but the #factsarefacts and the numbers don’t lie.



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