@CarsonDaly is on #TeamTomayo: Stop Slow-Rolling us @HeinzKetchup_US !!!

You haven’t seen anything from me on #Tomayo in the last couple of days…I’ve remained silent on advice of counsel, but that ends now….

As we last left things off, we had offered the name Tomayo- a Le Cap/ Benny Gloves property c 1995- to Heinz for their Mayo-Ketchup combo. They have previously announced the product as Mayochup, which is an inexplicably terrible name.

After our initial offer, we tweeted @HeinzKetchup_US again on Friday morning to reiterate the terms.


Unfortunately, HTTA and our representatives have NOT been contacted by the people over at HJ Heinz regarding our offer. It seems these corporate FAT CATS think they can just wait us out, and we’ll cave under the weight of mounting attorney’s fees…but guess again Ketchup Boys…we’ve got in-house counsel we have no intention of paying, a need for content, and nothing but time on our hands…we’ll keep at it.

While the folks at Heinz haven’t acknowledged us, however, it seems someone beyond Hi-Top nation has taken notice.

Literally minutes after our tweet on Friday, Carson Daly went on the air on the Today Show, to discuss the topic…and mentioned “Tomayo” as a potential alternative name:

Check it out at the 1:25 Mark. A TOMAYO reference. No HTTA shoutout…but that’s ok, Carson, I don’t hate ya. You’re welcome on #TeamTomayo .

Take notice Heinz, now we’ve got momentum. If you think you can bully us and take the name without rightful compensation…you got another thing coming.

I didn’t become a #magnate overnight. I’m not new to being a #visionary. And I’m not going to let you come for our IP without a fight!



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