Weekend Winner

It’s Marathon Monday Hi-Topper Nation!

We’re a Boston based Sport Blog and today is basically the THE MOST BOSTON SPORT day of the year so congratulations to us all cuz our Weekend Winner is….Boston Sports.

The Bruins are an absolute wagon right now, just trucking the Maple Leafs. Dumping the puck, cycling the puck, dominating the blue line and the Power Play just doing all the very important Hockey Things. Go B’s!

The Celtics are on an emotional high (or maybe it’s just the Lil’ Dogg that’s high) after an THRILLING Game 1 win.

The BoSox are 13-2 and look unstoppable.

Apparently the traditional morning Red Sox game is postponed so that sux but the runners will run of course so super big ups to anyone braving the elements out there this morning.

Hi-Topper Marathon Prediction:

It’s gonna be an American Double as Molly Huddle and Galen Rupp are going to cross the finish line first.

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