It’s a Base Brawl

You wanted The Rivalry back?

The Rivalry is back baby!


After drubbing the Yanks 14-1 in the first game of the series, New York came back with literal vengeance on their minds in Game 2. Things started to get heated when the Yankees Tyler Austin spiked Brock Holt to break up a double play in the Third Inning. Words were exchanged. Benches cleared but there was no fight. Yet.

In the top of the Seventh Boston hurler Joe Kelly let a fastball get away from him and plunked Austin in the back. And the fight was on.

Insta Hi-Topper Top 5 Brawl Moments

5. Austin Bat Slam – Awwww Little Tyler is mad he got an ouchie on his back. Whaaaa! Whaaaa!

4. Judge in the Mix – Actual props to Aaron Judge for being the first out of the Yankees dugout and getting right into the middle of the rough stuff. The newly minted Face of Baseball could have easily played Fake Tough Guy or stayed away entirely but he didn’t. Good on him.

3. Vazquez putting his helmet back on – The BoSox catcher does a nice little double take with his face mask. Starts to take it off then thinks twice when ishh starts to hit the fan. Ha!

2. Faneuil Hall Flashbacks – Maybe it was the excessive Winter headgear and puffy coats but this brewhaha gave the Lil’ Dogg some serious Faneuil Hall vibes. If you ever spent time as the bars closed in the Deadly Triangle between Milk St. and India St. then the sight of thirty dudes jawing and bear hugging with the occasional fist thrown instantly takes you back to those moments at 2 AM when any stray look could result in a bloody face.

1. Joe Kelly throwing those hands! – The man who started the brawl tried to end it as well throwing some real serious haymakers at Austin. Most pitchers start the melee and then run. Not Kelly.

Players weighed in after the game with some interesting takes:

And it looks like this will be just Round 1 in a season long battle.

New York won the actual game 10-7 to tie up the series, a game a piece.

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