NBA Rewind – Playoff Seedings are Set

The Regular Season is D-O-N-E DONE and the it took until the very last whistle was blown to figure out exactly who was in, who was out and who was playing who (who? whom? whoms?).

Here’s who’s in:

Most Interesting Series – East

The East is actually loaded with tough match-ups from top to bottom. The Wizards and Raptors is a VERY intriguing 1 v 8 especially with John Wall coming back into a Washington that both desperately needs him but also seems to desperately hate him. But the real knock-down, drag-out war is going to be the 3 v 6, Philly and Miami. The Sixers have been amazing this last month but to say they lack “playoff experience” would be stating the obvious so I won’t (but I kinda just did). Miami has guys that have been through the playoff muck before. Will this experience gap be a factor? I think we will find out very quickly. If Philly rolls the Heat by 20 in Game 1 this series will end a quick death. But if Miami comes out swinging (possibly literally) and steals the first game on the road it could really shake the Sixers young guys and make this one very very interesting.

Most Interesting Series – West

The West seeds 3-8 were a virtual dead heat until the end of the Regular Season so outside the Rockets and the Warriors series anything is possible. The Pelicans taking down the Blazers would be an “upset” in seeding only. Same with Jazz-Thunder. Of those four, the ‘Cans have to be considered the most dangerous team. Anthony Davis is playing out of this world right now and Rondo can still put up Point Guard performances unlike anyone else in the League when the stars align. New Orleans will take the Blazers in 5 and give the Warriors nightmares.

The Celtics Outlook

What a crazy weird season. Boston managed to hold on to the 2 seed and their reward is the Greek Freak. The Bucks are a mess for sure. They don’t seem to have any game plan beyond “Give Giannis the ball and pray he does something amazing” so by sheer virtue of ineptitude the Celtics should win this First Round match-up. Provided they move on they’ll get the Sixers-Heat winner, both of which present some real problems for the C’s. On the positive side, the average age of the guys Boston will be sending on to the court is like 15 so EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE EXPERIENCE. Did I mention this will provide great experience for the young guys?

The Real NBA Season starts this weekend and it should be a wild ride.

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