The Bleacher Creature Feature – Sox Embarrass Yankees

The Rivalry was supposed to be BACK. New York loaded up during the off season. Boston was going all in with their young core. A Battle for the East was brewing.

So what happened when the two AL powerhouses met for the first of 19 matchups this season:


Complete domination by the Good Guys was the order of the night.

The BoSox Killer B’s (trademark pending) led the way with Benny Baseball getting back some of his spring training mojo and starting the onslaught early:

Hanley had himself a night:

And Mookie Betts added the icing on the cake:

On the mound Chris Sale was dealing all game:

The talk all off-season was how New York was loading up and the Red Sox weren’t making any moves. Stanton and Judge were the new Bash Brothers. The Bronx Bombers were back.


Yes yes it was only 1 game of a very long season (including a ton more battles with the Yanks) but damn was this a sweet victory.

The Sox are now 9-1 and playing some really fun ball. Cora has the batters aggressive at the plate. The Lil’ Dogg is LOVING all the Green Lights being given on 3-0 counts. More More More. Sabermetrics are wimps! Let those bats fly, boys!

Price takes on Tanaka tonight. Let’s run it back.

BoSox Killer Bs in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!


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