Feel Good Sport Story of the Night – 32 Year Old Rookie Scores 19 in Debut

After 10 years toiling away in the G League 32 Year Old Andre Ingram got called up to the NBA to play in the LA Lakers final 2 games of the season. What seemed like a nice little gesture turned into something truly special when Ingram promptly went out an dropped a cool 19 points in his first NBA game last night against the Houston Rockets.

The dream scenario started when the Lakers pretended to give Ingram an Exit Interview at the conclusion of the G League season but instead surprised him with an NBA call-up:

The G League’s all-time leading 3 Point shooter then showed he could get it down on the Big Stage:

The dream night ended with Ingram being presented with the Game Ball:

What a night. By all accounts Andre Ingram is a class act who never gave up on his dream. Last night that dream came true.

Congrats to Andre!

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