Sympathy for the Le Cap

This was a great sports weekend in many ways, with so many impressive performances across the great landscape of professional athletics. As a fan, and as a lover of sports, I was very happy at the end of the day. But, as a blogger, and as a guy who likes to lay it out there…I took bit of a beating this weekend.


Masters Contest

First off, our Masters Contest, brought to you by our partners at .

Masters Hi-Top Final

Amateur golf analyst/ long drive champion/ Long-time Tiger hater, J Patrick Cunnion took down the win for Masters week, edging out yours truly. A nice win for Cunnion. Nobody in our mini-league had Patrick Reed as one of their players, but Cunnion impressively had FOUR top 5 finishers. Nice work, Cunnion. Especially for not picking Tiger…like I did.  Seriously…I even wrote that I thought he was a bad bet, and then I pick him?! WTF, Le Cap?

For his efforts, Patrick will be presented with a Hi-Top t-shirt of his choice, and a dozen  golf balls (good ones, not like Top Flites, or refurbished balls), which I may or may not mark with crude phalluses.

We had hoped the field would be larger, and looking for a big turnout for the US Open in June.


Patrick Reed

I wrote on Saturday that I thought Reed would give it up over the weekend.

“I’m going to say this right now….Patrick Reed will NOT win the Masters.”-

Le Cap, Saturday, Can Reed Keep It Up?

Everything I wrote, I still believe. And if Sunday’s round was 21 holes, rather than 18, he may have finally caved to the pressure. But the dude delivered when he needed to. Torched the place on Saturday, and held on Sunday when some other studs were threatening record lows around him. All stuff that I basically said he would NOT be capable of doing.

To Reed I say, Nice Job. To myself… Good work, dummy.



Ohtani has become the hot button issue around HTTA HQ. I have a reasonable, measured take on this guy’s most likely outcome, and I’ve been getting KILLED over it.

So this weekend I issued my TAKE CLARIFICATION just to make it clear that while I’m not rooting against him I think that ultimately the two-way deployment will prevent him from reaching his upside as a pitcher…and that I am confident I will be proven right.

Well, Ohtani- the owner of 3 HR’s as a hitter on the young season- took a no-no into the 7th, and finished with 7 IP; 1 H; 0 R; 12 K; 1 BB; and a downright FILTHY 24 Swinging strikes. Just a ridiculous outing by any first year MLB’er, let alone one who hit a 450 foot bomb 36 hours before.

So, as Bennygloves said in a private text chain that I will freely make public whenever I feel the need:

Benny: Feel like he is doing all this to show u up

Not gonna lie to you, it’s definitely starting to feel that way.

But, hey, I’m happy to die on this wall…and you NEED me on that wall. What would sports be if there weren’t nay-sayers to overcome? “Against all odds”? Well, I am the odds. I think the more I say it can’t happen…the sweeter it makes it when it does.


Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and hot takes.

I was around when Michael Jordan was cut from the HS team. I took Tom Brady at 199. I traded Pedro for Delino Deshields.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.


Sympathy for le cap




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