Weekend Retro Rewind 4/6/2018

Hey Hi-Toppers,

Welcome back to the Weekend Retro Rewind where each week I give out my recommendations for classic (and let’s be honest mostly not so classic)  movies, albums, and occasional television shows that you should check out over your weekend! Seeing as we are knee deep in Master’s coverage I figured that this weekend I would provide a nice little double feature for your viewing pleasure! Let’s be honest, there are a handful of good golf movies out there, but in the grand scheme of things only two of those movies actually matter. Also, instead of a whole album, this weekend I just have one song for you… the only song that really matters on a weekend like this! So without further ado….


Movie – Caddyshack


This is the gold standard of golf comedies. Not only that but it’s really just one of the best comedies of all time period. What is there to really say that has not been said? No really… this is a classic, I literally can’t think of anything new to say about this movie. Just go watch it.


Movie – Happy Gilmore


The other great golf comedy. When it comes to Adam Sandler, I say he has made three classic movies, two good movies, and two ok movies. Happy Gilmore obviously goes into the classic category. This is easily one of his most quotable films (“It’s all in the hips,” “You’re gonna die clown!”) and features one of the all time great sports villains in Shooter McGavin. You also have to love the ample display of Bruins love. Much like Caddyshack, there isn’t much else to say, so once you finish up Caddyshack, move right on to this classic.



Song – Kenny Loggins – I’m Alright (Caddyshack Version)

This needs no explanation. Its K. Log. Repeat this song all weekend.


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