Ohtani Stuck Between a Rock, and a Hot Take

There has been a LOT of bickering around here about my Ohtani take. Lil’ Dogg has been demanding a Mea Culpa from me And why shouldn’t he? Just look at Ohtani’s line…

Ohtani Stats

A 1.286 OPS and 2 HR in his first 14 PA’s….umm, that’s pretty good.

But this will NOT be a Mea Culpa…that would mean I’m admitting I’m wrong. After 14 AB’s? FOUR. TEEN?!?! That ain’t happening, Dogg.

The truth is, through 14 AB’s, we still know NOTHING. Legit, nothing. 14 K’s or 14 HR’s….doesn’t matter. And this 100% reasonable and rational opinion, has caused a lot of problems at HTTA HQ.

The Dogg has labeled me a blanket “No Fun” guy. Benny, in true Benny fashion, has been egging on Dogg, and stirring the pot. Even My Buddy Matty has been piling on, throwing Ohtani grenades at the Capitaine. They have just decided that I am Anti-Ohtani…and rooting for him to fail.


I feel though, at this time, I need to issue a formal TAKE CLARIFICATION.

I am NOT Anti-Ohtani. Never have been. The dude is just stuck between a rock and a hot take.

I think he’ll be a good to great SP, and maybe he’ll end up having a role as a Pinch Hitter, or they let him hit for himself.




My whole point remains that Ohtani just can’t do both at a high level over the long haul. , and I don’t think the Angles want a guy who is mediocre at two things. That is not about him…it’s just that #factsisfacts .

While we are talking facts…let me revisit a part of my original take:

Obviously, I’m a forward thinker #forwardcapforward and I love wacky baseball ideas, but the way I look at this you have two choices if you want any hope at this happening.

Plan 1: Ohtani is a full time Starting pitcher, and a couple of days a week he can pinch hit.

Plan 2: Ohtani is full time hitter, and a has 1-2 stints a week as a strategically deployed reliever, and can shift to a position in the field when a tough lefty comes up and you want a specialist for one batter.

I don’t see any way that the full time Two-Way scenario works. Though it’d be a lot cooler if it did.

That sound like a “No Fun” guy?!?!

And I even spelled out that it’d be cool if the Two-Way plan worked. So why the hate, Dogg?!?!!?

Now, to lay this out clearly…if the Angels continue down the current path (DH’ing 2-3 times between starts) I think his CEILING is capped at average on both sides (3.75ish ERA, .250ish BA, 8-12 HR’s over <250 AB’s), while his injury risk is increased.

Having one guy who can do both, even at league average is valuable…sure it is. But I don’t think it’s the most likely outcome, and I just think it’s bad for his long term development. I know, what an ASSHOLE!

They are trying the full-on two way scenario…and through 14 AB’s, it’s worked. I officially hope it does work. I will be rooting for it to work as a fan. It’d be FUN, and as Benny pointed out it would take a blowtorch to a lot of the accepted advanced statistics and measures of player value.

But unfortunately…the most likely outcome is that I will be right. It’s hard damn work.

Note to Lil’ Dogg…you want to come for the Capitaine…you better not miss…and you better have more than 14 AB’s backing you up.




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