Bruins lose in Florida.

Yes, Florida… and no I do not mean just the Panthers. They got beat by the entire state of Florida within a little over 48 hours.

The B’s headed into this Florida swing 2 points up on the Tampa Bay Lightning for overall lead in the Eastern Conference. They had 1 game on hand of the Lighting heading into their Tuesday night matchup. Needless to say these are two huge games with only 4 left to play at this point.

With first place basically on the line the Bruins decided to lay a huge Goose Egg and play one of their worst games of the season. Tampa took it to them early and hard….

After the game the Tuukka spoke about how the Lightning came out and played “playoff style’ hockey. NO SHIT! There are 4 f@#$ng games left in the season and you want them to play like its a November game?? Come on, man….

After a good old fashion ass kicking the B’s had little time to sulk as they faced the Panthers on Thursday night in Sunrise. The Panthers are hanging on for dear life in the Playoff race and need every point they can to stay in it. The game also marked Roberto Luongo’s 1000th career game, with is amazing for a goalie.

With everything on the line…a playoff spot for one team and home ice for the other, the Bruins basically dropped a huge deuce on the chest of their first place hopes.

The Swamp Cats, (copyright, don’t steal it) came out quick and where all over the Bruins from the start. By the end of 1 it was 2-0 Florida and not looking good for the boys.  The second period brought hope, as the Bruins evened the game up at 2.

Late in the third this game had the feeling of overtime written all over it until this happened.

And thats all she wrote. 2 games in Florida…0 points in the standings.  With 80 games played each, The Bruins and Tampa are tied with 110 points. Tampa has the edge because they have won more games in regulation. The Bruins need Tampa to lose their last two games, or at least 1 and win out to take over first. Lets hope they can find their legs these next two games.


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