Possibly the Most Impressive Streak in Sport History

The Lil’ Dogg is usually not one to toot his own horn but excuse me while I relay news of the most impressive (losing) streak in the History of Sport.

Let’s set the scene.

The Lil’ Dogg loves to compete and nothing gets this pup more juiced up than some arbitrary, gimmicky contest.

Beat the Streak is my latest obsession.

It’s a phone app game from Major League Baseball that is both simple and genius. You pick one batter every day and if that guy gets a hit (just 1 hit) you start a streak. The goal is to beat Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio’s famous 56 game hitting streak.

The prize is a cool $5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!

You can pick any player that’s playing that day on any team. No restrictions. You can pick the same guy every day or different guys each day. You can even double up and pick two but both players need to get a hit.

Sounds easy right. Well it is unless you’re cursed like the Lil’ Dogg. Here’s my picks for every game this season so far:

That’s right folks. 0-34. ZERO FOR THIRTY-FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!

And these aren’t chumps. These are the best of the best in the MLB. And every day the Lil’ Dogg Curse hits a different Superstar.

So go ahead and send in to Hi-Top your most hated players and I’ll be glad to jinx them for a day.

P.S. – Honestly think this is more impressive than an actual hit streak. 0-34!!!!!!!!!!!!

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