All 5 of Sergio Garcia’s Water Shots Ranked 1-5

Oh Sergio!

What a day for the defending Champ during the opening round at Augusta. Well actually just the 15th Hole where he put 5 in the drink.

So let’s do what we do best here at Hi-Top and rank Sergio’s wet ones 1-5 from least painful to most painful.

5. Shot 2


This one was going into the water from the moment it landed. No surprise there just too much spin and speed. Chalk it up to a bad swing and try again.

4. Shot 1


Sergio’s first attempt looked good in the air but he had to know when it landed that the bounce and spin were just too much and the ball was going to end up wet. Just could not have been that unexpected.

3. Shot 4


After 3 consecutive splash downs Sergio tries to change things up and puts a little extra omphf into his swing. Sadly the result is the same as the extra length just adds extra speed going to downhill. Good try though. He had to switch things up at this point. Frustration levels are nearing Code Red.

2. Shot 3


Shot 3 was the one. This was it. The ball was finally going to stick. And it basically does but then has a change of heart and decides to keep rolling. Had to be absolutely crushing when the ball makes that little extra roll to grab enough steam to head straight back to the water.

1. Shot 5


5 attempts in you gotta be just ready to blow your brains out. You’re just screaming at the top of your lungs (inside your own head of course) and praying to the Golf Gods at the same time. “Anywhere but in the water. Anywhere but in the water.” The placement is good and like shot 3 for half a second you think it’s going to stop and then just an excruciatingly long roll into the drink. A rip your guts out, stab me with my tee, bash my brains in with this wedge moment as you know you now have try again for a sixth time and you honestly don’t think you will ever make the shot. You are going to die on the 15th at Augusta attempting to put the ball on the green for all of eternity.

Thankfully for all involved, well just Sergio really, he got the sixth attempt to stick but hey if you’re going to put five in the drink at Augusta it mineaswell be the First Round you play after winning a Green Jacket right.

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