Celtics Playoff Hopes Update – 🤷🏻‍♂️ but with a twist of 🤔 (updated with new info)

Big news dropping from the mouth of Danny Ainge today regarding the playoff health or lack thereof two pretty important members of the Boston Celtics:

***Ed. Note*****

The following updated info has been released by the Celtics.

*****Back to Orginal Post********

Both Kyrie and Marcus not being able to play in the first round of the playoffs is….not ideal.

Or……………..(M. Night Shamalamadingdong TWIST)……….IS IT PERFECTLY IDEAL??????

Okay okay Hi-Topper Nation, you’re probably thinking that your ol’ buddy the Lil’ Dogg has finally lost his marbles, driven completely insane by the endless parade of injuries that have befallen our dear dear poor old Celtics this season. The carnage has hit seemingly every member of the team at some point throughout the season and now you want us to believe that playing in the playoffs without our two most important Guards is a good thing???????

Well not a “good thing” exactly but just not a “The Sky is falling”, absolute end all be all terrible, THIS IS THE THE WORST type thing.

Cuz here’s the straight dope folks. Facts is facts and the fact is the 2018 Celtics even with a 💯 Kyrie and Smart aren’t winning the Championship this year.

Just getting out of the East and past LeBron, while technically possible, would be a HUGE ask and sorry not sorry but nobody from the East is beating either the Rockets or the Warriors.


But next year. Next year is a whole ‘nother story.

And to get to next year and a completely possible shot at a title we need a 10000% healthy Kyrie. Not 100%. 10000%.

Marcus Smart on the other hand (pun painfully intended) is a different story. If he’s healthy, play him. All the playoff reps he can get will only help him in the long run.

The other positive to sitting Kyrie is the opportunity it will give to what we’ll call the “Young Three” – Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier (Yes TRIII belongs in that grouping).

With Kyrie out the offensive motherload shifts onto those six shoulders. Let’s run them out there and see what they can do. Let’s push these Ferrari’s to 120 MPH on the open road of the playoffs. Sure it could be a car wreck of epic proportions but it could also produce some transcendent moments from 1 or 2 or all 3 of them. And no matter what happens it will be Capital E Experience that will be invaluable next year. We know who Kyrie is. He’s hit the dagger shot and won the ‘Chip already. Let’s see what the J-Train and the Man Child and T-Rizzle can do on the big stage.

Terry. Terry. Terry.

To say Rozier has been a revelation this year would be underselling just how valuable he has been. Terry Rozier can be our Vinny “The Microwave” Johnson. He can be that leader of the Second Unit for years. Now of course he probably wants to start and feels he’s an NBA starter and he’s proven himself capable so conceivably he won’t stick around as Bench Mob guy for too too long but we have him until at least 2020 so letting him get some shine this year in the playoffs and knowing he can ease the burden on Kyrie next year are all POSITIVES.

So Celtic Nation, the sky is not falling, all hope is not lost and this injury ravaged year will end eventually. In the meantime let’s milk it for all the positive opportunities we can.

So repeat after the Lil’ Dogg:

June 2019 June 2019 June 2019 June 2019…

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